Help other to see

It is not easy for people with reduced physical capabilities to manage everything in the modern world. Not every city on the planet is adjusted for their normal existence in the society. But this is not a reason to give up and lock yourself within four walls.

Since 2012, we have been deeply involved in the Blind project to draw attention of the society and drive the problem from the dead-lock…and success was on our side.


After having conducted the research and having communicated with blind people we decided to try to solve one of the most important and difficult problems – orientation and navigation in the city.

All Russia Association of the Blind (VOS) consulted us during the process of app development

SeeLight is an application equipped with two interfaces:

  • a general one
  • a special one for the visually impaired

How does it work?

The user fills with data on crossing lights anywhere in the world: whether they are equipped with a tactile paving and audible signals, and how long they function. Because of open API access, anyone can do it. Then, they will get tagged by gps tags on an interactive map.

Other than this, any city executive board can share data on its city’s crossing lights. In this case, users will know about all of the crossing lights in their cities, and even what color is on at the moment.

How does it help?

For those who face road crossing by themselves as a big challenge, such information will become a great salvation. The app identifies the direction and determines the distance to the closest crossing light out and notifies about it in a background mode. Now everyone will be able to hear traffic lights, if not to see them.

Just imagine: if all of the citizens in the world share information about a crossing light by their house, everyone will be able to hear any of them, if not to see them.

Make the World better!

Putting our efforts together, we can make SeeLight a guide to a safer, and therefore, more independent and comfortable life for the blind and visually impaired. Their welfare is a business of all of us, because everyone deserves equal human conditions in the society – particularly now, when it is possible to make the World better just in a couple of clicks.

We have developed a unique platform – now you only have to fill the gaps. It’s your turn to act!

Help right now

To keep our project prospering, it is necessary to provide technical and social support for at least a year. That will be enough to give a start in its life and make it function independently. We are expecting global expansion of Blind – even more ideas, audience initiatives and new solutions on the international level. You can affect its future supporting us financially, as well:

We will be happy to see any kind of engagement!